A scant bit of news

A scant bit of news

Today’s game result:

The Lynx beat the Storm, 72-61.

WNBA news:

Is the league poised for a breakthrough?

WNBA team news:

The Mystics will host a block party prior to their home opener at their new arena.

The greatest teams, broken down by decade.

WNBA player news:

Dream guard Renee Montgomery is ready for a bit of drama.

Aces rookie Jackie Young is making steady progress.

NCAA news:

Transfers are becoming a priority and a risk.

College team news:

Four freshmen will join UCLA in the fall.

College player news:

Cut by the WNBA, Megan Gustafson is plotting her comeback.

College coach news:

Wes Moore has brought NC State back to prominence.

Pepperdine coach Delisha Milton-Jones is guiding the future of USA Basketball.

Princeton has named Carla Berube its new head coach.

Interview with Oregon coach Kelly Graves.


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